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Table 2 Collated summary of the correspondence of DFL patterns with neurological condition in the Cervical region

From: Possible detection of cervical spondylotic neuropathy using Distribution of F-latency (DFL), a new neurophysiological parameter

DFL pattern No. of nerves Clinical condition Comments
Single Peak 8 All claimed normal Single peak likely to represent normalcy
Double Peak 4 Diagnosed CS Double peak likely to represent CS. Single case with pain possibly has CS
As above 1 Pain in shoulder, not yet gone for medical investigation As above
Broad Peak
2 With single peak of DFL on opposite side Cases with CS on one side are more likely to develop CS on the opposite side as well. Broad peak (plateau) may be an early indicator of CS.
As above 5 With double peak of DFL on opposite side, 4 with diagnosed CS, one with Pain in shoulder As above