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Figure 1

From: Animal Ca2+ release-activated Ca2+ (CRAC) channels appear to be homologous to and derived from the ubiquitous cation diffusion facilitators

Figure 1

Average hydropathy and similarity plots for Orai and CDF homologues. (A) Topological analyses of Orai protein homologues (see Table S1). The AveHAS program [28] was used to depict average hydropathy (top dark line) and average similarity (bottom light line) based on a ClustalX multiple alignment. The four conserved peaks of hydrophobicity, believed to correspond to the four TMSs, are labeled 1-4. (B) Topological analyses of CDF protein homologues (see [Additional file 5: Table S2]). The majority of CDF proteins contain six TMSs and correspond to the six conserved peaks labeled 1-6. Two roundworm members contain twelve TMSs (see text). The N-terminal 6 TMSs of these latter proteins are labeled 1'-6'. Position: alignment position in the multiple alignment.

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