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Table 1 Overview of stages in therapy.

From: Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression among adults in Japanese clinical settings: a single-group study

Stage Session Purpose Agenda Tools/homework
1 1 - 2 Building alliance
Motivate the patient
Socializing the patient
Review on symptoms, course of illness and developmental history
Psychoeducation on depression, cognitive models, structure of the therapy
"What is depression?"
"What is CBT?"
2 3 - 4 Case conceptualization
Goal setting
Activating the patient
Collaboratively setting treatment goals
Activity scheduling
Brief feedback on case conceptualization
Problem list
Activity record
3 5 - 6 Identifying mood and automatic thoughts Dysfunctional thought record (triple column) "How to identify your moods and thoughts"
4 7 - 12 Testing automatic thoughts
(Optional - dissolving interpersonal conflicts/problem solving)
Dysfunctional thought record (seven columns)
(Optional module - assertive training/problem solving)
"How to balance your thoughts"
Interpersonal module
Problem-solving module
5 13 - 14 Identifying schemas Dysfunctional thought record
Discussion on schemas
"Rules of your mind"
6 15 - 16 Termination
Relapse prevention
Review of the therapy
Relapse prevention
Preparation for booster sessions
"Upon ending your therapy"