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Table 3 Protein domains in RGAs and R genes that are predicted by InterProScan

From: Comparative genomic sequence analysis of strawberry and other rosids reveals significant microsynteny

Predicted Protein Domain Species Sequence Name
  Arabidopsis AT5G66910
  Fragaria 34E24_7
  Populus proteinId_563015
  Medicago CU137666_10.3
NB-ARC, LRR, RPW8 Vitis GSVIVP00003147001
NB-ARC, LRR, DISEASERSIST Populus proteinId_76151
  Populus proteinId_76161
  Medicago CU013515_11.5
  Medicago CU013515_34.5
  Medicago AC135229_1.5
  Medicago AC135229_5
  Medicago AC135229_9.5
NB-ARC, LRR Medicago AC148525_12
  Medicago AC148525_17
  Vitis GSVIVP00003149001
  Vitis GSVIVP00003151001
  Vitis GSVIVP00004841001
  Prunus PP_LEa_1_Contig1043
NB-ARC, RPW8 Vitis GSVIVP00004840001
  Vitis GSVIVP00004842001
NB-ARC Medicago CU013515_31.5
LRR, RPW8, DISEASERSIST Populus proteinId_76154*
DISEASERSIST Fragaria 34E24_5*
RPW8 Fragaria 34E24_3*
  Arabidopsis AT5G66630*
LRR Arabidopsis AT5G66890
  Fragaria 34E24_4
  Populus proteinId_563014
  1. *Contains characteristic motifs of NBS domain