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Table 1 Initial detailed work and costing plan

From: How big is the elephant in the room? Estimated and actual IT costs in an online behaviour change trial

  Total (£)
Trial Website:  
Implementation of the consent process and the randomization and group assignment system 470
Implementation of the primary and secondary outcome questionnaires, including the code 1,410
Basic e-mail reminders system and follow-up questionnaires system 1,645
Control Website:  
Implementation of the control site (estimated about 15-20 pages of information) 1,645
Intervention Website:  
Implementation of the three modules, based on restructuring some old content and adding more new content provided by research team 5,875
SUB TOTAL: 11,045
Technical consultancy & project management 7,050
VAT @ 17.5% 3,167
TOTAL 21,262