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Table 2 Additional work required

From: How big is the elephant in the room? Estimated and actual IT costs in an online behaviour change trial

  Total (£)
Trial Website:  
System to provide password protected downloadable data for the research team 1,410
Implementation of a participant withdrawal system 1,175
New randomization system 353
Incentives sub-study (incidental) 822
Changes to registration system following pilot study 235
Maintenance fee for the main trial 1,410
One Year follow-ups - implementation of the new incentives system 1,880
Control Website:  
There was no overspend on the development of the Control Website  
Intervention Website:  
Graphics 764
Modules development and content management system 4,465
Copyright fees for use of images 1,000
Additional features to enhance the attractiveness and functioning of the website 7,344
Set up standalone outcome measure site at (incidental) 176
Consultancy costs:  
Additional consultancy costs 1,410
SUB-TOTAL: 22,444
VAT @ 17.5% 3,928
TOTAL 26,372