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Table 6 Framing of the messages reported by the campaigns

From: Media response to colon cancer campaigns in Switzerland 2005-2007: regional newspapers are the most reliable among the printed media

Campaign Original Text Translated text
"Darmkrebs-nie" "Darmkrebs nie?" "Stop to colon cancer?"
  "Ein gesunder Lebensstil
verringert das Risiko einer
"A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of colon cancer"
"Self-care" "Darmkrebs-Vorsorge!
Die Früherkennung ist für die Heilung wichtig. Lassen Sie sich in Ihrer Apotheke testen und beraten"
"Colon cancer prevention
The early detection is essential for the healing. Let your pharmacy make the test and advise you"
"5 a day" "5 Portionen Früchte und Gemüse pro Tag: und schon sind Sie dabei!" "5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day, off you go!"
  "Fruchte und Gemüse machen fit und gesund" "Fruits and vegetables make you fit and healthy"
  "Mit Fruchten und Gemüse gegen Übergewicht bei Kindern" "Fruits and vegetables against children overweight"
  "Der Doktor empfiehlt: Fünfmal täglich" "The doctor suggests: 5 a day"
  1. Examples of gain-framed messages reported by the campaigns "Darmkrebs-nie", "Self-care" and "5 a day". Almost no loss-gained messages have been detected.