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Table 2 Type of services provided in order to promote the mental health of children

From: The promotion of children's health and wellbeing: the contributions of England's charity sector

Type of Services Frequency Percent*
Provision of advice through telephone helpline 11 16.4
Provision of face-to-face information and advice 38 57.6
Provide advice and information for teachers 26 39.4
Provide advice and information for parents 35 53.0
Provide counseling for children and young people 41 63.1
Provide training about mental health 24 36.9
Providing information to young people about the dangers of drug use and its impact on their mental health 14 21.5
Promote art and culture 22 32.8
Promote sport 13 19.4
Promote involvement in environmental activities 5 7.7
Campaigning in schools and other relevant places 10 15.4
Provide education into the prevention bullying and other abuse 28 43.1
Other, please specify 16 24.6
  1. Since a charity can contribute to more than one row, the percentages do not add up to 100%.