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Table 1 Steps regarding the procedure.

From: A telehealth integrated asthma-COPD service for primary care: a proposal for a pilot feasibility study in Crete, Greece

Step 1. First visit questionnaire will be feedeed to the system.
Step 2. CCQ and ACQ scores will be incorporated to the system.
Step 3. Spirometric values and curve will enter the system (example fig 2).
Step 4. Supported by the built of the service based in guidelines, the GP will receive diagnosis and management support.
Step 5. All the previous details will be sent to pulmonologists whenever needed.
Step 6. The pulmonologists will reply with a diagnosis, advice and recommendations for treatment.
Step 6. The general practitioner will have the pulmonologist assessment and clear advices about diagnosis and therapy.
Step 7. Second visit. Assessment of the medicine and patient compliance.
The system will give the opportunity for comparison between previous and current results.
Step 8. If needed the GP will ask for new specialist assessment, and then will manage the patient.