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Table 1 Microarray platform characteristics

From: Evaluation of high-resolution microarray platforms for genomic profiling of bone tumours

Platform Technology Sample labelling Sample requirement Number of features Median probe spacing Analysis
Affymetrix Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 Oligonucleotide (25 nt) PCR reduction 0.5 μg 1,852 k < 700 bp DNA copy number and LOH
Agilent Human Genome CGH 244A Oligonucleotide (60 nt) Whole genome 0.5-1 μg 236 k 8,900 bp DNA copy number
Illumina HumanExon510s-duo Oligonucleotide (25 nt) PCR reduction 0.75 μg 511 k 3,200 bp DNA copy number and LOH
Nimblegen HG18 CGH 385 k WG Tiling v1.0 Oligonucleotide (50-75 nt) Whole genome 1 μg 385 k 6,270 bp DNA copy number
  1. Characteristics of the different high-resolution microarray platforms evaluated.