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Table 1 Nucleotide differences between prSAV and SAVH20/03 (positions refer to accession no. AY604236).

From: Development of infectious cDNA clones of Salmonid alphavirus subtype 3

Position Region Mutation
2732 nsP2 A->G
40981 nsP2 A->G
5427 nsP3 C->T
7539 nsP4 A->G
7548 nsP4 A->G
7737-7738 Junction CA->AG
8867 E2 T->C
9278 E2 G->A
832 3'UTR ->T
972 3'UTR A->T
  1. 1This position has previously been reported to be a G (accession no. DQ149204) or an A (accession no. AY604236) in SAVH20/03.
  2. 2The complete 3'UTR is not reported in AY604236 and positions are given relative to the 3'UTR start nucleotide [9].