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Table 1 Functions of mobile electronic devices included in the review

From: The effectiveness of M-health technologies for improving health and health services: a systematic review protocol

  Mode of communication
Voice SMS MMS Email WAP internet Wireless cellular broadband Audio Video Custom/additional software support
Mobile phone          
Basic model 1          
(e.g. Nokia 1280)1          
High-end model1          
(e.g. Nokia 6303i)1          
PDA phone          
Enterprise digital assistant          
Portable media player          
Handheld video games console          
  1. Brackets indicate where functions are available on only some higher specification models.
  2. Abbreviations: MMS, multimedia messaging service; PDA, personal digital assistant; SMS, short messaging service; WAP, wireless application protocol.
  3. 1 Source GSM Arena (, accessed 09.06.10)