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Figure 3

From: Distinct expression patterns of mitochondrially localized YFP in neuronal subsets in the retina of three transgenic mouse lines

Figure 3

YFP expression in the Mito-Z retina. A, YFP is expressed in a subset of ganglion, amacrine and bipolar cells, as well as a very small number of photoreceptors (arrows). B and C, Retina from female and male mouse, respectively. Mito-Z labels patches of cells in the female retina (B) and throughout the male retina (C). D, Whole retina, from a female mouse, stained with antibodies to TH. YFP is expressed in roughly half of the retina. One half of dopaminergic amacrine cells in the female retina, which are all YFP positive in the male retina, are YFP positive. E, Mito-Z positive cells are not cholinergic. The scale bar in panel (E) is equivalent to 225 μm in A, 150 μm in B and C, and 387 μm in D and E.

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