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Table 1 Organisations interviewed

From: The role of non-governmental organisations in the management of separated and unaccompanied children, following disasters in Iran

Organisation Meeting/Interview Number Name of Organisation
Governmental   2 Ministry of Heath and Social Welfare
   13 Educational Research Centre of Behzisti (Iranian Welfare Organisation) Tehran
   14 Behzisti, Tehran
   15 Behzisti, Tehran
   17 Behzisti, Bam
   21 Ministry of Health and Medical Education for Bam
   22 Department of Construction in the Ministry of Health
   23 Family Reunification Project (Behzisti)
Organisation headed by Supreme Leader of Iran 3 Committee Emdad Imam Khomeini
Non-Governmental International 18 Support to Life
  National 5 Iran University of Medical Sciences
   6 University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences
   11 Khane Madarah va Koodak (Tehran)
   19 Moshtameh Tavenbakhshe Iman Reza
   20 Khane Madarah va Koodak (Bam)
   28 Association for the Protection of Child Labourers
  Local 4 Khane Sabze
   9 Zeinab Kobra Foundation
   10 SPASDI
   24 Bam Blue Crescent
   25 Bavarat Community Centre, Play scheme
   26 Khale Sara kindergarten
   27 Hazrat Fetemeh Centre
Inter-Governmental United Nations World Health Organisation (WHO) 1 WHO: Health Systems Specialist
   7 WHO: Field worker (Bam)
  United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) 12 UNICEF: Programme Officer for Iran
   16 UNICEF: Assistant Project Officer Child Protection and Family Reunification
   23 Family Reunification Project (UNICEF)