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Table 3 Interpersonal and social problems

From: A descriptive social and health profile of a community sample of adults and adolescents with Asperger syndrome

Have difficulties: Reading other people's feelings: 91%
  Responding to people's feelings: 86%
  Trouble showing own feelings: 42%
  Trouble managing time and planning: 61%
  Trouble coping with unexpected changes: 87%
  Stopping spending time on interests: 84%
  Managing money: 67%
  Cooking: 60%
  Tidying and cleaning: 52%
  Washing and showering: 31%
  Doing well in jobs interviews: 40%
  Getting to places on time: 31%
  Reading books and newspapers: 71%
  Writing neatly and legibly: 65%
  Living independently without support (18+): 67%
  Using public transport: 64%
  Switching tasks: 85%
Social problems Been bullied: 95%
  Feel misunderstood: 63%
  Feel left out of things: 77%
  Feel put down by others: 62%
  Feel sexually frustrated: 56%
  Been sexually or financially exploited: 40%
  Have distressing family problems: 31%