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Figure 2

From: A molecular phylogeny of Hypnales (Bryophyta) inferred from ITS2 sequence-structure data

Figure 2

Neighbor-Joining tree of 1,634 hypnalean sequence-structure pairs. Mono- and paraphyletic clades are highlighted and labeled. Paraphyletic clades are indicated by quotes. A colored label denotes a clade as a complete monophylum containing each used sequence of this family. It is possible that some clades are labeled with "I", although there is no corresponding clade "II". In this case the missing sequences are spread in the non-monophyletic (uncolored) areas of the tree. Numbers in squared parentheses show the quantities of sequences in the specific clade. An apparently small clade can yet contain many sequences. In this case different sequence-structures of the same species built a monophylum and were collapsed for reasons of clarity and comprehensibility. Collapsed clades are marked by triangles instead of lines within the tree.

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