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Table 2 Comparison of tumor heterogeneity between different types of tumors

From: Tumor heterogeneity in neoplasms of breast, colon, and skin

Comparison P-value Comparison P-value
Breast/Colon 0.0001 Colon/SCC 0.135
Breast/SCC 0.114 Colon/KA 0.027
Breast/KA 0.0001 KA/SCC 0.0001
Breast (T)/Breast (M) 0.723 MSI-High/MSI-Low 0.443
  1. The Chi-square test was used to test the significance of the difference in heterogeneity between the groups. (T) means primary tumor, and (M) means lymph node metastasis. The corresponding p-values are presented.