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Figure 1

From: Novel mutations underlying argininosuccinic aciduria in Saudi Arabia

Figure 1

Consensus sequences of the ASL gene superfamily. The alignment shading corresponds to consensus of 100% (black) and 80% (dark gray). (A) corresponds to amino acid conserved domain I containing the novel mutations D115Y, G157R and P166S. (B) corresponds to amino acid conserved domain II containing the nonsense mutations R182X, and R186W. (C) corresponds to amino acid conserved domain III. (D) corresponds to the carboxy terminal containing Q354X and the novel G361X mutations. The '↓' represents the position of the mutation. The '*' represents the putative catalytic residues. FUM, fumarase; ASP, ammonia-aspartate lyase; ADL, adenylosuccinate lyase; CMLE, 3-carboxy-cis, cis-muconate lactonizing enzyme; D2C, δ2 crystallin; D1C, δ2 crystallin; ASL, argininosuccinate lyase. The alignment was performed using the ClustalW program (GenomeNet).

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