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Table 2 Composition of Expert Focus Groups

From: Methodology for the development of a taxonomy and toolkit to evaluate health-related habits and lifestyle (eVITAL)

Topic Moderators Rapporteur Group Member Backgrounds
Cognition LSC FA Clinical psychology (2), geriatrics, neurology, neuropsychology
Vitality and stress LSC FA Clinical psychology (2), gynecology, psychology of sexuality, psychiatry, sexuality, urology
Sleep RG FA Clinical psychology, neurophysiology, sleep medicine
Diet, exercise, & risk behaviors JRC FA Clinical psychology (2), nursing, physical activity, otorhinolaryngology, primary care (2), public health
  1. Composition of multidisciplinary focus groups by area of expertise. For fields represented more than once within a group, the number of participants is indicated in parentheses. With the exception of the moderator of the first two groups and the rapporteur, no person is represented more than once. In total, 29 individuals participated.