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Table 3 Misclassification rates

From: Evaluation of a novel approach for the measurement of RNA quality

Classification method RIN SDV p-value
Sample ranking 8/61 0/63 0.009
Gaussian classifier 7/61 1/63 0.061
KNN 7/61 0/63 0.017
LDA 8/61 2/63 0.089
  1. Table shows the number of misclassified observations and the total number of observations (two observations were missing from the 9-minute treatment set). All the observed misclassifications were found to be assigned to adjacent treatment groups. Note that for KNN, the misclassification rate varies from run to run due to random tie-breaking (values from 6 to 8 were observed for the 9-minute treatment); the value of 7 given here for KNN was the modal value for 100 KNN reruns.