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Table 1 Questions and response categories of the MHI-5.

From: Are mental health and binge drinking associated in Dutch adolescents? Cross-sectional public health study

MH-5 score is based on the following five questions:*
How much of the time in the previous 4 weeks:
a. Have you been a very nervous person?
b. Have you felt so down in the dumps that nothing could cheer you up?
c. Have you felt calm and peaceful?
d. Have you felt downhearted and blue?
e. Have you been a happy person?
Response category Score on questions a, b, d Score on questions c, e
1. All of the time 1 6
2. Most of the time 2 5
3. A good bit of time 3 4
4. Some of the time 4 3
5. A little of the time 5 2
6. None of the time 6 1
  1. * The score from the MHI-5 is computed by adding the scores for each question item and then transforming the raw scores to a 0-100 point scale. Total score on MHI-5 = 100*((score a +score b + score c + score d + score e)-5)/25