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Table 2 GeNorm ranking of the reference genes stability in all investigated tissues,.

From: Validation of reference genes for quantitative RT-qPCR studies of gene expression in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua l.) during temperature stress

  Best gene 2 nd best 3 rd best 4 th best
  Stress Control Stress Control Stress Control Stress Control
Liver rplp1/ef1a rplp1/ubiq 18s tba1c g6pd g6pd actb actb
Heart ubiq/ef1a ubiq/18s 18s rplp1 rplp1 actb actb ef1a
Intestine actb/ubiq g6pd/18s ef1a rplp1 rplp1 ef1a tba1c actb
Spleen rplp1/ubiq actb/ubiq 18s tba1c ef1a rplp1 actb 18s
Kidney ubiq/ef1a rplp1/ef1a rplp1 g6pd b2m tba1c 18s ubiq
Gill g6pd/actb tba1c/ubiq ubiq rplp1 tba1c ef1a 18s actb
Pooled tissues ubiq/rplp1 ubiq/18s b2m ef1a 18s rplp1 ef1a tba1c
  1. Stability ranking of individual reference genes in different tissues from Atlantic cod under control (stable temperature) or stress situation (temperature increase of 1?C/day for 5 days) conditions.