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Table 1 PCR result showing positive Acanthamoeba and V. cholerae in same sample and Acanthamoeba or V. cholerae alone

From: Detection of Vibrio cholerae and Acanthamoeba species from same natural water samples collected from different cholera endemic areas in Sudan

Sample number Region Source V. cholerae Acanthamoebae
8 Gadarif zeer +ve +ve
24 Gadarif zeer -ve +ve
46 Gadarif hafir -ve +ve
54 Gadarif hafir +ve -ve
70 Gadarif hafir -ve +ve
84 Gadarif tank -ve +ve
87 Gadarif tank -ve +ve
117 Gadarif tank +ve +ve
121 Gadarif tank +ve +ve
128 Gadarif tank -ve +ve
150 Juba lake +ve +ve
156 Juba lake +ve +ve
160 Juba lake +ve +ve
177 Juba zeer +ve +ve
193 Juba zeer +ve +ve
202 Juba zeer -ve +ve
213 Khartoum lake +ve +ve
259 Khartoum zeer -ve +ve
266 Khartoum zeer -ve +ve
287 Kordofan hafir -ve +ve
319 Kordofan hafir -ve +ve
397 Kordofan hafir -ve +ve