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Table 3 Quantitification of mycotoxins in corn from eight production sites in Lethbridge County.

From: A prebiotic, Celmanax™, decreases Escherichia coli O157:H7 colonization of bovine cells and feed-associated cytotoxicity in vitro

Mycotoxin ppm
DON 0.06-0.30
15-DON 0.05-0.08
3-ADON 0.05
NEO 0.07
DAS 0.06
HT-2 0.04
T-2 0.06
NIV 0.12
Aflatoxin B1 0.001
Aflatoxin B2 0.0003
Aflatoxin G1 0.002
Aflatoxin G2 0.0005
ZEAR 0.04
Ochratoxin A 0.004-1.5
Fumonisin B1 26-43
Fumonisin B2 5.1-9.4