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Table 3 Parameters and simulated scenarios (trait prevalence = 10%).

From: A note on the use of the generalized odds ratio in meta-analysis of association studies involving bi- and tri-allelic polymorphisms

True underlying genetic model OR f τ2 N per study Genetic model of analysis
Null 1.0   0
   0.10    LAT
   0.33 0.025
(mild heterogeneity)
500-1000 Per-allele
   0.40    Dominant
Dominant Multiplicative Recessive Over-dominant 1.3
(modest effect)
(strong heterogeneity)
  1. OR, true underlying odds ratio. f, allelic frequency for the risk allele. τ2, between-study variance. N, number of participants per study. GOR, generalized odds ratio. LAT, log-additive trend. The size for each study was randomly sampled from a uniform distribution on the interval [500-1000] and split equally into cases and controls (i.e. case to control ratio = 1).