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Figure 1

From: Increased expression of Ero1L-alpha in healing fetal wounds

Figure 1

Clone 11 expression reveals a single 4 kb transcript across most tissue types. Northern blot analysis of clone 11 using adult total RNA, rabbit multi-tissue samples, and a non-radioactive DIG RNA probe; the lanes represent 1) brain, 2) stomach, 3) intestine, 4) colon, 5) liver, 6) lung, 7) kidney, 8) heart, 9) ovary, 10) skeletal muscle, 11) spleen, 12) testes, 13) thymus, 14) skin, and 15) pancreas. One predominant RNA transcript of approximately 4 kb was detected in most rabbit adult tissues (Figure 1), with highest expression in the lungs, kidneys, heart, ovaries, and testis and lowest expression in skin and pancreas.

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