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Figure 2

From: Increased expression of Ero1L-alpha in healing fetal wounds

Figure 2

Clone 11 represents sequence found in the 3' UTR of Ero1L-alpha. (A) Schematic depiction of Ero1L-alpha message isoforms, with locations of probes and primers employed. (B) Northern blot analysis of Ero1L-alpha using total RNA from rabbit fetal and adult skin and fibroblasts, and a non-radioactive DIG RNA probe; the lanes represent 1) fetal skin, 2) adult skin, 3) rabbit fetal fibroblast, and 4) rabbit adult fibroblast. (C) Rabbit adult fibroblasts were treated with siRNA against clone 11, as well as scrambled control siRNA and mock transfection. Extracted total RNA was then used as a template for real time PCR to assay for expression of Ero1L-alpha coding sequence and clone 11 target sequence. Both Ero1L-alpha and clone 11 were significantly reduced in siRNA-treated cells but not in control cells, indicating that clone 11 sequence represents Ero1L-alpha.

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