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Figure 2

From: Lipid profiles of female and male Drosophila

Figure 2

Distribution of fatty acids in the sexes with a germline or with no germline. (A) Fatty acids in nmoles per gram tissue by lipid class. Varied fatty acid components of lipids can be grouped into three categories: (B) saturated fatty acids (SFA); (C) monounsaturated fatty acids (with one double bonded carbon; MUFA); and (D) polyunsaturated fatty acids (with multiple double bonded carbons; PUFA). Female and male nongonadal somas from flies with a germline or with no germline were assayed (see key). Lipids were grouped into ten lipid classes: CL = Cardiolipin; CE = Cholesterol ester; DAG = Diacylglycerol; FA = Free fatty acid; LY = Lysophosphatidylcholine; PC = Phosphatidylcholine; PE = Phosphatidylethanolamine; PS = Phosphatidylserine; SP = Sphingomyelin; TAG = Triacylglycerol. Histograms are mean ± SEM. Significant differences between sexes after binning the with and with no germline data (* p < 0.05; ** p < 0.005, t- test).

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