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Table 2 References to the sequence data used in this study

From: Comparative analysis of the ATRX promoter and 5' regulatory region reveals conserved regulatory elements which are linked to roles in neurodevelopment, alpha-globin regulation and testicular function

Species Reference sequence Source
human NCBI36/hg18 chrX: 76928075-76941134 UCSC Genome Browser
mouse NCBI37/mm9 chrX:103124406-103128433 UCSC Genome Browser
dog Broad/canFam2 chrX:63091021-63104321 UCSC Genome Browser
horse Broad/equCab2 chrX:57708104-57721404 UCSC Genome Browser
elephant Broad/loxAfr3 scaffold24:23535243-23535990 UCSC Genome Browser
armadillo AAGV020428528 GenBank
wallaby ABQO010522248 GenBank