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Table 4 Success rate of overgo probes in cross-species hybridizations

From: Comparative BAC-based mapping in the white-throated sparrow, a novel behavioral genomics model, using interspecies overgo hybridization

Interspecies hybridization No. of probes by species No. of successful probes Percentage relative to probes by species Overgo sequence type No. of successful probes by type Percentage relative to successful probes
Chicken-sparrow 194 65 33.5% Chicken overgos
     Coding regions 47 72.3%
     5' and 3' UTRs 6 9.2%
     Introns 4 6.1%
     Other non-coding regions 8 12.3%
Turkey-sparrow 19 9 47.4% Turkey overgos
     Coding regions 9 100%
Zebra finch-sparrow 3 3 100% Zebra finch overgos
     Coding regions 3 100%
  1. The data are shown depending of species specificity of probes and efficiency rate of successful probes by species and by sequence type