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Table 1 Summary of the extraction methods and their chemical principles

From: MicroRNA preparations from individual monogenean Gyrodactylus salaris-a comparison of six commercially available totalRNA extraction kits

manufacturer totalRNA Extraction Kit lysis extraction 1 extraction 2
Ambion mirVana   organic solvents acid Phenol solid-phase
Invitrogen Trizol Plus    Trizol  
GeneMole Molestrips totalRNA basic Guanidinium-thiocyanat based   beads  
Zymo ZymoReserach RNA miniPrep   solid-phase column  
Amresco Phenol-free Total RNA Purification     none
Epicentre MasterPure Complete RNA Purification SDS based precipitation, DNAse treatment  
  1. Overview of the chemical principles for the assessed totalRNA extraction methods.