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Figure 2

From: Characterisation of five candidate genes within the ETEC F4ab/ac candidate region in pigs

Figure 2

Localisation of the F4ab/ac candidate region on SSC13. The gene annotations, order and approximate scale are deduced from the porcine map in Ensembl (Sscrofa9). The localisation of the five investigated genes; TFRC (100.8 Mb), ACK1 (100.9 Mb), MUC4 (101.0 Mb), MUC20 (101.1 Mb) and KIAA0226 (101.1 Mb) are marked by a red *, and the number of identified polymorphisms in each gene is indicated in brackets. The newly reduced region from the LMLN (101.4 Mb) gene to microsatellite S0283 (102.0 Mb) is enclosed by the red line. This figure is modified from previously published figures [6, 25]

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