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Figure 5

From: PromBase: a web resource for various genomic features and predicted promoters in prokaryotic genomes

Figure 5

Analysis of TAN, DIV, CON intergenic regions and CODING regions. A) Length distribution of different regions in bacterial genomes. Inner bar chart shows the average length of different regions in all 913 bacterial genomes. The standard deviation for length of different regions is indicated as error bar (values are given in brackets). B) Percentage distribution of different intergenic and coding regions in bacterial genomes. Inner pie chart gives the overall average distribution in all bacterial genomes. The average value and the standard deviations (in bracket) are shown with the legend. RNA gene distribution is very small (0.73%) as compared to others, hence it is not shown in the figure. C) GC-content distribution in different regions of bacterial genomes. The overall mean, standard deviation and median values are also given.

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