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Table 4 Summary of the 2 best HKG combinations for different tissues and reproductive system according to normFinder

From: Selection of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR expression studies of microdissected reproductive tissues in apomictic and sexual Boechera

Tissue Recommended HKGs Stability values Recommended HKGs, (Boech RPS18 replaced by UBQ) Stability values
Apo all tissues Boech ACT2 0.07 Boech ACT2 0.085
  Boech Efα1 0.094 Boech Efα1 0.188
Apo vegetative tissues Boech ACT2 0.073 Boech ACT2 0.22
  Boech Efα1 0.105 Boech Efα1 0.116
Apo ovules Boech RPS18 0.015 Boech Efα1 0.014
  Boech Efα1 0.015 Boech UBQ 0.082
Apo anthers Boech ACT2 0.007 Boech Efα1 0.106
  Boech Efα1 0.007 Boech ACT2 0.108
Sex all tissues Boech RPS18 0.109 Boech ACT2 0.053
  Boech ACT2 0.123 Boech UBQ 0.065
Sex vegetative tissues Boech RPS18 0.014 Boech ACT2 0.13
  Boech Efα1 0.015 Boech Efα1 0.134
Sex ovules Boech RPS18 0.01 Boech Efα1 0.008
  Boech ACT2 0.151 Boech ACT2 0.039
Sex anthers Boech Efα1 0.001 Boech Efα1 0.086
  Boech ACT2 0.001 Boech ACT2 0.088