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Table 2 Problems faced in large group teaching

From: Trials of large group teaching in Malaysian private universities: a cross sectional study of teaching medicine and other disciplines

No. Problems Mean Std. Dev
E. Ensuring students are paying attention 3.59 0.84
Q. Difficulties in assessment of tests, quizzes and assignments 3.52 1.09
H. Getting students to interact/participate 3.34 0.79
B. Identifying weak students 3.31 0.90
D. Building relationship with students 3.19 0.97
A. Maintaining discipline in the classroom 3.16 0.72
N. Inability to be sensitive to students' learning needs 3.13 0.83
L. Gauging students' understanding of the lesson 3.09 0.86
G. Creating enthusiasm in class 3.03 0.82
M. Managing students from different backgrounds/nationalities 3.03 1.00
O. Unable to get more creative in your teaching methods 3.00 0.88
P. Having too many subjects to teach per semester 2.97 0.97
C. Bright students are sufficiently challenged 2.94 0.84
I. Achieving learning objectives within the given time frame 2.84 0.95
F. Ensuring finishing class/syllabus on time 2.69 1.26
J. Lack of appropriate technology/facilities 2.69 1.09
K. Audibility of your voice 2.41 1.13