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Table 3 Effects of large group teaching

From: Trials of large group teaching in Malaysian private universities: a cross sectional study of teaching medicine and other disciplines

No. Effects Mean Std Dev
  Negative effects   
B. Feel mentally exhausted 3.22 1.01
C. Physically tired 3.19 1.12
A. Added stress or anxiety 2.97 1. 00
E. Poor student evaluation 2.81 0.79
D. Compromise on personal time with family/close friends 2.56 1.08
  Positive effects   
F. Gives me a sense of achievement 3.25 0.95
G. Feel good and cheerful after the class 3.03 0.93
H. Like the challenge 3.53 0.95
I. Allows me to adapt to my students' learning needs 3.00 0.67
J. Makes me more aware of my teaching styles 3.63 0.91