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Table 1 125 genes significantly up regulated exclusively in stressed aak-2 mutants sorted by the expression level changes in stressed aak-2 compared to wild type animals.

From: Gene expression profiling of oxidative stress response of C. elegans aging defective AMPK mutants using massively parallel transcriptome sequencing

F22B7.9 Y38F1A.6 qdpr-1 R05F9.6 W10C8.5
Y38E10A.14 MTCE.33 F28A10.6 F32B5.1 lea-1
ZK970.7 scl-2 F54E2.1 tat-4 T15B7.2
F44A6.5 Y37A1B.5 ldh-1 ttr-36 C10G8.4
clec-52 R03D7.1 T01C8.2 Y43C5A.2 F08B12.4
C01B4.6 F44E7.2 let-721 F52A8.1 gdi-1
Y19D10A.16 nspc-17 ttr-47 mua-6 M02D8.1
C09H5.2 Y48G8AL.13 Y38E10A.13 nspc-10 pat-10
C17C3.1 F40F12.7 Y62E10A.13 C15C8.3 C31E10.7
pmp-5 T28F4.5 C42D4.1 T20G5.8 ZK637.2
clec-209 C45B2.2 fat-4 vha-14 F53A9.8
F56A4.2 F18E3.11 nspc-3 glt-1 sod-1
B0280.17 ccg-1 npa-1 pes-9 C16A3.10
F35E12.5 W05H9.1 F15B10.1 nspc-20 C06E7.1
C53A3.2 fat-5 M60.4 R107.5 rmd-2
nlp-29 K07C11.7 F13H8.7 nuo-1 dad-1
C33A12.19 C08F11.12 far-8 ncs-2 spp-10
K09H11.7 Y38C1AA.7 R11A5.4 baf-1 T25B9.9
F25E5.8 ech-6 C05C10.3 sqv-4 plp-1
F08G5.6 F10G2.1 mmaa-1 F52E1.14 rhr-1
F56A4.3 hsp-17 R05D11.5 F41C3.5 prdx-3
C01B4.9 F54D5.12 F54C9.3 F07H5.5 F56C9.7
Y19D10A.12 R02D3.1 far-6 gta-1 nspa-1
F55H12.2 hpd-1 Y51A2 D.14 C06A8.1 brp-1
C07E3.9 sel-9 lpl-1 tag-174 W03F11.1
  1. Additional File 9 lists Log2 ratios of these genes in stressed wild type relative to wild type and stressed aak-2 mutants relative to wild type.