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Table 3 Genes significantly up regulated exclusively in unstressed aak- 2 mutants relative to wild type and the GO terms (biological process) associated with them

From: Gene expression profiling of oxidative stress response of C. elegans aging defective AMPK mutants using massively parallel transcriptome sequencing

Function Genes Pvalue GO as name
Reproduction mtm-3, ptc-1, spd-5, puf-8, t21b10.3, egl-27, top-1, c23g10.8, npp-7, dab-1, prp-8, gld-3, smk-1, sur-6, mbk-2, atx-2, ptc-2, nmy-2, ruvb-1, pbrm-1, mep-1, zk858.1, mom-5, egl-45, c08b11.3, lin-35, scc-3, daz-1, f37c12.7, y71h2am.20, eif-3.b, csr-1, t09e8.1 2.14E-10 reproductive process,
  daz-1, f37c12.7, puf-8, ptp-2, top-1, gld-3, y71h2am.20, smk-1, mbk-2, eif-3.b, nmy-2, csr-1, ruvb-1, tag-319, mep-1, zk858.1, t09e8.1 4.14E-04 gamete generation,
  atx-2, ptc-2, mtm-3, ptc-1, egl-27, mom-5, egl-45, dab-1, lin-35, sur-6, smk-1 8.17E-04 oviposition,
  atx-2, puf-8, gld-3 8.17E-04 feminization of hermaphroditic germ-line,
  mep-1, ptp-2, let-92, lin-45, lin-35, sur-6 1.22E-02 vulval development,
  puf-8, gld-3, scc-3 2.78E-02 regulation of meiosis,
  egl-27, mom-5, lin-45, mbk-2 5.22E-02 cell fate commitment,
  top-1, f17c11.10, smk-1, scc-3 6.15E-02 chromosome segregation,
  npp-7, mbk-2, spd-5 8.21E-02 fertilization,
  ptp-2, top-1, smk-1 9.86E-02 oogenesis,
  top-1, smk-1 9.86E-02 oocyte development,
  vit-1, vit-2, vit-3, vit-4, vit-5, vit-6 7.68E-03 lipid transport,
Cell cycle let-92, nmy-2, mat-1, spd-5, egl-27, mom-5, lig-1, mbk-2, sur-6 2.69E-03 cell division,
  atx-2, puf-8, mom-5, rpn-1, gld-3, scc-3, mbk-2 2.78E-02 cell cycle process,
  mom-5, let-92, lig-1, sur-6, mat-1, mbk-2, spd-5 1.53E-02 embryonic cleavage, cytokinesis,
Anatomical structure development let-92, t21b10.3, ptp-2, unc-76, prp-8, c23g10.8, top-1, sur-6, smk-1, nmy-2, lin-45, ruvb-1, pbrm-1, zk858.1, mep-1, c08b11.3, lin-35, scc-3 2.99E-04 organ development,
  mtm-3, f37c12.7, t21b10.3, ptp-2, egl-27, ani-2, c23g10.8, top-1, smk-1, sur-6, lin-45, let-711, npl-4.1, zk858.1, mom-5, npl-4.2, c08b11.3, lin-35, scc-3, let-92, daf-18, unc-76, prp-8, pap-1, eif-3.b, mbk-2, nmy-2, ruvb-1, paa-1, pbrm-1, mep-1, ran-5 6.96E-10 anatomical structure development,
  nmy-2, let-711, paa-1, npl-4.1, f37c12.7, t21b10.3, egl-27, npl-4.2, daf-18, top-1, lin-35, sur-6, mbk-2 1.18E-05 morphogenesis of an epithelium,
  t14g10.5, nmy-2, pqn-51, spd-5, ran-5, mom-5, ptp-2, unc-76, daf-18, npp-7, dab-1, scc-3, eif-3.b, sur-6, mbk-2 7.10E-02 cellular component organization and biogenesis,
Response to stimulus mtm-3, ptc-1, f37c12.7, t21b10.3, egl-27, ptp-2, dab-1, top-1, pap-1, smk-1, sur-6, eif-3.b, t12a2.2, t14g10.5, atx-2, ptc-2, let-711, pbrm-1, npl-4.1, arx-2, ran-5, mom-5, egl-45, npl-4.2, lin-35, scc-3 9.47E-05 locomotory behavior,
  daf-16, mtm-3, ptc-1, cdc-14, f37c12.7, t21b10.3, ptp-2, egl-27, daf-18, top-1, dab-1, lig-1, pap-1, smk-1, sur-6, eif-3.b, t12a2.2, col-179, atx-2, t14g10.5, ptc-2, let-711, pbrm-1, npl-4.1, arx-2, ran-5, mom-5, npl-4.2, egl-45, lin-35, scc-3 2.55E-05 response to stimulus,
  rpb-2, daf-16, let-711, daf-18, smk-1, eif-3.b 5.22E-02 determination of adult life span,