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Figure 3

From: The BrainMap strategy for standardization, sharing, and meta-analysis of neuroimaging data

Figure 3

Procedure and Results for a Meta-Analytic Connectivity Modeling Analysis. In meta-analytic connectivity modeling (MACM) analyses, the BrainMap database is searched for activations in healthy subjects that are reported within the boundaries of a three-dimensional rectangular or arbitrary-shaped ROI. To identify the regions that coactivate with this ROI, a user must (a) obtain or generate a gzipped NIfTI image file that identifies the desired region of interest, and (b) construct an appropriate set of search criteria within Sleuth. Studies matching this query are downloaded to Sleuth's workspace and (c) the observed locations reporting across these experiments are visualized on Sleuth's glass brain. After meta-analysis using GingerALE, (d) the MACM results can be visualized in Mango.

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