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Table 2 Type and grade of arteriosclerotic lesions in hearts of cats (n = 13)

From: Chlamydia in canine or feline coronary arteriosclerotic lesions

No Breed Sex Age Organ Grade Type Other organs affected Concurrent lesions in the heart or other organs
1 Persian cat MC 8 Heart + hyperplastic none Dilatative cardio-myopathy, chronic interstitial nephritis
2 European shorthair FC 8 Heart + to ++ hyperplastic none Chronic interstitial nephritis
3 European shorthair FC ? Heart + to ++ hyperplastic liver, kidney, spleen Chronic interstitial nephritis, hypertensive retinopathy
4 European shorthair MC 12 Heart ++ hyperplastic none Chronic interstitial nephritis, heart infarcts
5 European shorthair F ? Heart ++ hyperplastic none Fibrosis of the atrio-ventricular node
6 European shorthair F 15 Heart ++ hyperplastic kidney, eye, brain Hypertrophic cardio-myopathy, glomerulo-nephritis
7 British shorthair MC 5 Heart ++ hyperplastic none Left ventricular hyper-trophy, myocardial fibrosis
8 European shorthair FC 15 Heart ++ hyperplastic eye Thyroid adenoma, hypertrophic cardio-myopathy, chronic interstitial nephritis
9 European shorthair FC 6 Heart ++ to +++ hyperplastic none Chylothorax, myocardial fibrosis & necrosis
10 European shorthair F 13 Heart ++ hyperplastic and hyaline spleen, kidney, stomach, heart, meninges, eyes Chronic interstitial nephritis
11 European shorthair M 1 Heart +++ hyperplastic and hyaline kidney Hypertrophic cardio-myopathy, chronic interstitial nephritis
12 Burmese cat MC 16 Heart ++ hyaline brain Hypertrophic cardio-myopathy, chronic interstitial nephritis
13 Birman FC 1.5 Heart +++ hyaline none Brain edema
  1. + mild; ++ moderate; +++ severe; - not present
  2. M, Male; F, Female; MC, Male Castrated, FC, Female Castrated;