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Table 2 Results of pilot testing

From: The physical therapy profile questionnaire (PTPQ): development, validation and pilot testing

Items rated for pilot testing Average scores based from a scale of 1(lowest)-
5 (highest)
1. usability 4.43 • PTPQ was general useful
• comment on ensuring page numbers are present
2. ease of administration 4.86 • PTPQ was very easy to administer either through paper copies or online
• a query on username and password for the online survey was raised
3. comprehensiveness 4.71 • PTPQ was very comprehensive and covers essential information to describe the profile of practice
4. format 4.43 • PTPQ has good format
• suggestions to provide prompts on which page to access next especially for those who need to skip the treatment preferences part
• suggestion to change the numbers of the PTPQ headings (1. General information, 2. Practice profile etc) to letters (A. General information, B. Practice profile) so as not to confuse with the numbers in the questions and should provide clearer instruction to which section the respondents should proceed next