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Figure 2

From: Single nucleotide polymorphisms that differentiate two subpopulations of Salmonella enteritidis within phage type

Figure 2

PFGE patterns of Salmonella Enteritidis strains with known subpopulation characteristics. Lanes 1 and 4, DNA fragment size markers; lane 2, PT13a S. Enteritidis strain 21027, which forms biofilm but does not contaminate eggs; lane 3, PT13a S. Enteritidis strain 21046, which does not form biofilm but does contaminate eggs; lane 5, PT4 S. Enteritidis strain 22079, which forms biofilm and contaminates eggs. S. Enteritidis strains 21027, 22079 and 21046 had the 1st, 6th and 10th most common PFGE profiles in the US, respectively, according to PulseNet typing classification schemes. Relative incidence may change by publication date.

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