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Table 1 Details of the C-, H- and L-type BSE cases examined

From: Evaluation of two sets of immunohistochemical and Western blot confirmatory methods in the detection of typical and atypical BSE cases

Case Country Age
Breed Cause of death Husbandry BSE type Tissue Tested in the study by
16193/02 Italy 5 Friesian r.s.* dairy C-type o.# IHC
142585/03 Italy 11 Mixed c.s.† beef C-type o.# WB
B5330-7 D USA ~ 6.5 Friesian c.s.† dairy C-type o.# IHC, WB
B10979 USA ~ 12 Brahma cross f.s.‡ beef H-type o.# WB
B14842 USA ~ 10 Red crossbred f.s.‡ beef H-type o.# IHC
1088/03 Italy 15 Piedmontese f.s.‡ dairy/beef L-type o.# WB
12966/07 Italy 14 Piedmontese f.s.‡ dairy/beef L-type o.#, f.c.§ IHC
  1. * r.s., routine slaughtered
  2. † c.s., casualty slaughtered
  3. ‡ f.s., fallen stock
  4. # o., obex
  5. § f.c., frontal cortex