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Table 2 Medusa vs previous versions

From: Medusa: A tool for exploring and clustering biological networks

Characteristics Previous versions Medusa 3.0
Curves, Lines, Arrows X X
Collapse/Expand node X X
Multi-edged connections X X
Save/Reload the status of the network X X
Load background static images X X
Circular layout   X
Hierarchical layout   X
Force-Directed X X
Spring Embedding X X
Distance geometry layout   X
Parallel Axes   X
Clustering Algorithms   X
Predefined clustering   X
Save to other formats   X
New GUI   X
Isolation of edges when dragging nodes   X
Richer Color schemes   X
Richer search functionality   X
Applet with higher parameterization   X
Applet with richer functionality   X
Simple network statistics   X
Open source X X