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Table 3 Item-rest correlation and Cronbach's alpha if item deleted for the 13 item RAT (non-managed patients only, N = 31)

From: Pilot evaluation of the psychometric properties of a self-medication Risk Assessment Tool among elderly patients in a community setting

RAT Item Item-rest correlation Cronbach's alpha if item deleted
Abbreviated Mental Test 0.499 0.774
What medication do you take at the moment? 0.374 0.801
Have there been any changes in your medication recently? 0.517 0.774
Do you think your medicines are necessary for your health? 0.054 0.804
How confident are you about taking your medicines on your own? 0.229 0.797
Reading three sample labels of increasing font size (Arial: 8, 10, 12) 0.691 0.753
Can open 48 ml amber plastic with screw capa - -
Can open 48 ml amber plastic with childproof cap 0.460 0.779
Can open 100 ml glass bottle with normal capa - -
Can pop open blister packs 0.486 0.782
Can open foil strip of tablet 0.627 0.757
Manages to take out tabs from PlusPack® 0.531 0.784
Fine manipulation - 5 ml spoon and/or Dropper bottle 0.650 0.755
  1. a constant in study sample and dropped from the analysis