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Table 5 Variance ratio in adult tarsus length between the different sexes and treatment groups.

From: Food supplements increase adult tarsus length, but not growth rate, in an island population of house sparrows (Passer domesticus)

Variance Test Variance Ratio 95% CI of Ratio p
Control Males vs. Fed Males 3.51 1.10-9.55 0.03
Control Females vs. Fed Females 0.61 0.21-1.83 0.37
Control Males vs. Control Females 1.16 0.39-3.06 0.79
Fed Males vs. Fed Females 4.99 1.51-14.65 0.01
  1. Sample sizes given in Figure 2. Raw p-values from F-tests and confidence intervals are reported here. When comparing the ratio of two variances a value of one means that they are equal.