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Table 1 hESC-associated gene sets

From: Computational analysis of expression of human embryonic stem cell-associated signatures in tumors

Group Gene set #Genes Description
  hESC exp1 379 Overexpressed in hESCs according to 5 or more out of 20 profiling studies
  hESC exp2 40 Overexpressed in hESCs according to a meta-analysis of 8 profiling studies
  hESC exp3 48 Overexpressed in hESCs in at least 10 studies
  hESC exp4 30 Underexpressed in hESCs in at least 6 studies
  hESC exp5 189 TF genes in hESCs
hESC expressed hESC exp6 44 Highly expressed in undifferentiated hESCs
  hESC exp7 994 High connectivity (≥ 500) in the global co-expression networks of hESCs
  hESC exp8 22 Candidate hESC markers
  hESC exp9 27 Differentially upregulated in hESCs
  hESC exp10 31 The most abundant transcripts expressed in hESCs
  hESC exp11 1, 000 Significantly identified in hESC lines by SAM analysis
  Nanog targets 988 Genes activated by Nanog in hESCs
  Oct4 targets 290 Genes activated by Oct4 in hESCs
NOS targets Sox2 targets 734 Genes activated by Sox2 in hESCs
  NOS targets 179 Overlap of three above sets
  NOS TFs 37 Transcription regulators in NOS targets set
  NOS co-bound 353 Genes co-bound by Nanog, Oct4 and Sox2 in hESCs
  Suz12 targets 1, 040 Genes bound by Suz12
Polycomb targets Eed targets 1, 066 Genes bound by Eed
  H3K27 bound 1, 121 Genes bound by H3K27
  PRC2 targets 654 Overlap of three above sets
Myc targets Myc targets1 230 E-box-containing genes regulated by c-Myc in cultured cell lines
  Myc targets2 775 Genes commonly regulated by c-Myc and Max in a Burkitt's lymphoma cell line
P53 targets   35 Common gene lists regulated by p53 in mouse and human