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Table 3 Themes from open-ended survey comments, ranked by frequency of mention

From: Family physician attitudes in managing obesity: a cross-sectional survey study

Theme Frequency of mention Comments
Better Interventions Needed to Treat Obesity 40 Poor access to bariatric surgery, few other manageable alternatives
Poor Reimbursement for Management of Obesity 35 Counseling, preventive services often not covered in primary care
Obesogenic Environment 30 The "built environment" encourages obesity
Inadequate Time for Management of Obesity 28 Too many other distractions
Better Access and/or Reimbursement to Fitness/Coaches/Dieticians Needed 25 Better integration of non-physician support needed
The Patient is to Blame for Their Obesity 16 Overeating, restaurant eating, laziness
Better Referral Systems are Needed to Manage Obesity 14 Few pathways to bariatrics, dieticians, etc.
Screening is Non-Issue 13 Screening already performed well-enough - treatment is the difficulty
Futility of Attempts to Manage Obesity 8 Relates to both patient blame and to lack of time and referral pathways
Better Guidelines Needed for Obesity Management 6 Existing guidelines not realistic for practice
Better Patient Education Materials Needed for Obesity Management 6 Including culturally appropriate education materials
Group Visits Needed to Treat Obesity 4 Suggested; no clear indication whether these were implemented.
Better Screening Tools Needed to Identify Obesity 4 Related to general dissatisfaction with existing screening & management tools
Better Goal Setting Needed to Manage Obesity 2 Related to guidelines & educational materials
Better Physician Training Needed in Obesity Management 2 Similar to need for better guidelines
Discomfort of Physicians with Subject of Obesity 2 Not wanting to cross a barrier with patient.
General difficulty with topic 2 It is difficult to convince patients of the problem and to get to new
Staffing 2 Staff assistance is needed
Bariatric Surgery Endorsement 1 "surgery works"
Fatalism 1 "childhood determines risk"
Difficulty in Management 1 "paperwork"