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Figure 8

From: Oxidative stress and leaf senescence

Figure 8

SDS-PAGE analysis of Rubisco large subunit (LSU), small subunit (SSU) and light harvesting complex chlorophyll (LHCll) under influence of the oxidative stress. A. Pre-anthesis, B. Post anthesis, C. Post-maturation. Detectable 55 kDa, 34 kDa, and 13 kDa protein bands correspond to Rubisco LSU, LHCll and SSU respectively in wheat samples. Wheat seeds were germinated on wet tissue paper in dark for 2 days and then transferred to a light/dark cycle (13 h light/10 h darkness). Wheat plants were grown until development stage (pre anthesis, post anthesis and post maturation), and were treated with paraquat at 0, 300 μM and 600 μM respectively. Each lane was loaded with 20 μl of wheat leaf extract containing an equal percentage (0.6%) of a leaf.

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