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Table 1 Clinical Course Summary of Osteomyelitis Patients Treated with Ertapenem (N = 12)

From: Ertapenem for treatment of osteomyelitis: a case series

Time from Clinical Symptoms to Medical Contact N (%)
   Less than 1 Month 3 (25.0)
   1-6 Months 2 (16.7)
   Greater than 6 Months 7 (58.3)
Median Days from Medical Contact to Hospital Admission 14.5 (IQR: 0-49.5)
Bone Culture Obtained for Diagnosis 2 (16.7)
Initial Surgical Intervention 3 (25.0)
   Repeat Surgery Performed 1 (33.3)
Mean Duration of Ertapenem Treatment, Days 34.6 (7.8)
Clinical Cure Achieved £ 6 (50.0)
Adverse Effects from Ertapenem ¥ 0 (0.0)
Subsequent Suppressive Oral Antibiotics Prescribed 3 (25.0)
Mean Time of Clinical Follow-up after Osteomyelitis Hospitalization, Weeks 115.6 (68.5)
  1. £Clinical cure is defined as resolution of clinical signs and symptoms of infection such that discontinuation of antibiotics was deemed appropriate at end of ertapenem therapy, and there was no recurrence of symptoms of osteomyelitis at one year.
  2. ¥Adverse effects evaluated include: rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, seizure, altered mental status, hepatitis, renal insuffiency, and hematologic abnormalities.